Museums in Amsterdam

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Allard Pierson Museum
Oude Turfmarkt 127
1012 GC Amsterdam

Amsterdam Historical Museum
The building in which the Amsterdam Historical Museum is located, goes back a long way. It was an orphanage for many years. In 1578 the Amsterdam City Council decided to house the orpans in this convent. The building was expanded in the 17th century. Until 1960 it housed orphans. After this year the building was restored with the aim to turn it into a museum. Most of the building was preserved in its original state. The entrance gate at Kalverstraat dates from 1581!

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 359
1012 RM Amsterdam

Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House is situated in the center Amsterdam: the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. Anne Frank was a normal girl in exceptional circumstances. For more than two years her diary described the events in her daily life.

Prinsengracht 263
1016 GV Amsterdam

ARCAM organizes exhibitions, discussions on topical issues and brings out publications. With its newsletter ARCAM NIEUWS, ARCAM seeks to reach a large audience with the aim of broadening public perception of architecture. The ARCAM GALLERY holds about seven exhibitions a year.

Prins Hendrikkade 600
1011 VX Amsterdam

Bellevue Cinerama
Marnixstraat 400
1017 PL Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage
Beursplein 1
1012 JW Amsterdam
Biblical MuseumA bridge between Bible and culture in a monument full of history.
A fascinating expedition through the world of one of the oldest and most-read books.

Herengracht 366 368
1016 CH Amsterdam

Bos Museum
Koenenkade 56
1081 KG Amsterdam

The Cat Cabinet
The Cat Cabinet is the only museum in the world to feature a collection of objects d’art wholly centred around the theme of the cat. The collection is intended as a comprehensive portrayal of the cat in art and culture throughout the centuries.

Herengracht 497
1017 BT Amsterdam

CivicGuard Gallery (Schuttersgalerij)
Kalverstraat 92 or
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 359

Cobra Museum for modern art
Sandbergplein 1 3
1181 ZX Amstelveen

Electric Tramwaymuseum Amsterdam
The tramway museum (run entirely by volunteers) lets visitors relive days of the past by offering rides in vintage cars, instead of displaying them in exhibition halls. In this way visitors can really appreciate how it was like to ride in these trams during the summer months, being able to let the fresh air come in through open windows and doors. The trams run along a former railway track along the Amsterdam Forest, the largest recreational area in Amsterdam. Several attractions in the forest can easily be reached by foot from our tramstops.

Amstelveenseweg 264
1075 XV Amsterdam

The museum for energy technique, elevators, domestic devices and city gas for Amsterdam.

Hoogte Kadijk 400
1018 BW Amsterdam
Erotic Museum
OZ. Achterburgwal 54
Red-light district Amsterdam

Film Museum
Vondelpark 3
1071 AA Amsterdam

Geels & Co Koffie- en thee museum
Warmoesstraat 67
1012 HX Amsterdam

Gemeentearchief Amsterdam
The municipality archives Amsterdam is there for everybody that who wants to know something about the history of its Amsterdam family, house, business or neighborhood.

Each year there are some 30.000 visitors in the study halls of the municipality archives looking for answers on their questions about the city. The municipality archive is a historical documentation center in the broadest sense of the word. Not only does it keep archives of the (urban) authorities, but also of a lot of private institutions and businesses. Altogether these archives are about 35 kilometers long.

Amsteldijk 67
1074 HZ Amsterdam

Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum
Of course Amsterdam has a museum dedicated to the use of cannabis, be it for pleasure, as a medicine or for making textiles and paper from the hemp plant. It illustrates the role of cannabis in history, there’s a garden with hemp plants, the process of making hash and marihuana is explained, and attention is paid to the various rolling and smoking methods. There’s a ‘head shop’ next door which sells various smoking and growing paraphernalia.

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 148
Red-light district Amsterdam

House Marseille, Foundation for Photography
Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam

Jewish Historic Museum
Four former synagogues house the Jewish Historical Museum. The oldest of the four synagogues was constructed in 1670. The architect was Daniel Stalpaert.

Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2 4
1011 RH Amsterdam

Kromhout museum
The knee timber museum is a working museum. Various motors turn can be looked at and further is it yet the from the 19e century descending original and working blacksmith.

Hoogte Kadijk 147
1018 BJ Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds
In Madame Tussauds Amsterdam you can meet famous Dutch and foreign personalities. As well as the renowned wax figures of famous people, you can also see technical high points in the form of moving figures at Madame Tussauds.

Dam 20
1012 NP Amsterdam

Max Euwe Centrum
Max Euweplein 30a1
1017 MB Amsterdam

Multatuli Museum
They have exhibitions that throw more light on the life of the author and on aspects of his work. On the basis of objects from his personal possessions the visitor is given an impression of life in the second half of the 19th century. Amongst other things, the museum possesses Multatuli’s writing desk, his library, the chaise longue in which he died, and books and pictures from the rich museum collection.

Korsjespoortsteeg 20
1015 AR Amsterdam

Museum Amstelkring, Our Lord in The Attic
Museum Amstelkring is one of the most cherished museums in Amsterdam. The special atmosphere in this canal house with its 17th century period rooms and church in the attic, surprises any visitor.

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40
1012 GE Amsterdam

Museum Het Schip
Spaarndammerplantsoen in Amsterdam features three monumental public housing blocks by Michel de Klerk. The most expressionist apartment block is known as Het Schip (The Ship) because of the shape of the building. That block is an excellent example of the Amsterdam School architectural movement of the early 20th century. Het Schip originally accommodated a small post office, the interior of which was also designed by M. de Klerk. That special interior was recently restored and nowadays also houses Museum Het Schip, on the Amsterdam School. Museum Amstelkring is one of

Spaarndammerplantsoen 140
1013 XT Amsterdam

Museum Rembrandt house
The Rembrandt House Museum is located in the former residence of famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The exterior and the interior of the house are exactly the way they were when he lived here in the 17th century. When crossing the threshold you quite literally step into the life of this Dutch master. You can look around his studio, his living quarters and his art and curiosity cabinet. This is a unique room, filled to the rafters with objects Rembrandt collected. Items from around the world found a place here, including stuffed animals, unusual weapons, plaster busts and colorful shells.

Jodenbreestraat 4
1011 NK Amsterdam

Museum Van Loon
The double-sized canal house dates from 1672. The first resident was the painter Ferdinand Bol, one of Rembandt’s most famous pupils. In the nineteenth century, the Van Loon family came to live in the house. The family’s history is closely intertwined with that of Amsterdam. Several Van Loons held important positions as city-mayors. Others, such as Willem van Loon, fulfilled decisive functions in the Dutch East-India Company. The last resident of the house, before it became a museum, was Thora van Loon – Egidius. She was Dame du Palais of Queen Wilhelmina for forty years, and as such invited important royal guest to the house. Throughout time, the interior and exterior have remained practically intact. Today they form a fascinating historical monument. Museum Van Loon proudly invites you to visit the house and its collection.

Keizersgracht 672
1017 ET Amsterdam

Museum Willet-Holthuysen
The Willet-Holthuysen is the only fully furnished patrician house on Amsterdam’s canals open daily to the public. Its last residents were Abraham Willet (1825-1888) and his wife Louisa Holthuysen (1824-1895). The latter left the house with its contents and her husband’s sizeable art collection to the city in 1895 on condition the house became a museum. The Willet-Holthuysen Museum features a series of period rooms and an annual programme of exhibitions.

Herengracht 605
1017 CE Amsterdam

National Museum of Spectacles
The National Museum of Spectacles allows you to travel thought 700 years of art, culture and history of spectacles. All this present to you in two marvelous museum chambers, established in a shattering premises, dating back to 1620!!!

Gasthuismolensteeg 7
1016 AM Amsterdam


National Trade Union Museum De Burcht
From the outside, the building bears a strong resemblance to a castle or burcht. There Is a tower, there are ‘battlements’ and the outer stairs recall a drawbridge spanning a castle moat. This was once the stronghold of the bustling heart of the Amsterdam diamond business. However, World War II put an end to all its activities…
Inside the building, a commemorative stone is a constant reminder of this dramatic period. Most of the diamond cutters were of Jewish origin. Now the National Trade Unions Museum (or Vakbondsmuseum De Burcht) has its home here.

Henri Polaklaan 9
1018 CP Amsterdam

Netherlands Maritime Museum
The Netherlands Maritime Museum is housed in the National Naval Depot, a former arsenal of the Dutch Navy that is over 300 years old. The unique and superb collection tells the story of the maritime past of the Netherlands. The jetty outside the Museum provides a permanent berth for a replica of the Dutch East Indiaman Amsterdam Actors playing the sailors provide a ‘life-like’ impression of life on board the Amsterdam.

Kattenburgerplein 1
1018 KK Amsterdam

Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo / TBA
The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts has set the goal for itself of promoting the wide development, application and distribution of, and reflection on new technologies in the visual arts. The Netherlands Media Art Institute supports media art in five core areas: presentation, research, collection, distribution and conservation, and through its facilities provides extensive services for artists and art institutions. Associated with this are educational programs, which are developed for all activities.

Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

Nieuwe kerk

Open Harbor Museum
Knsm-Laan 311
1019 LE Amsterdam

Peter Stuyvesant Foundation
De Boelelaan 20
1083 HJ Amsterdam

Photographic Museum Amsterdam (FOAM)
A museum for photography, for a city like Amsterdam: inspirational, accessible, uncompleted, yet critical. Foam is more than a museum.

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam

Pianola Museum
The Pianola Museum is located in the Jordaan, a 17th century quarter of Amsterdam, west of the old town centre. It is one of the smallest museums in the city.
The museum has a collection of automatic pianos and related objects. There are over 15.000 music rolls in the museum archive. Nearly all of them can be played on the different instruments in the museum. The visitor will be informed about the history and the technique of the instruments. The attention however will always be focused on the music.

Westerstraat 106
1015 MN Amsterdam

Pijpenkabinet & Smokiana
Behind the facade of a typical central Amsterdam canalhouse there lies the not so typical Pijpenkabinet exhibition – an Aladdin’s cave of pipes and related paraphernalia for all to see.
Delicately displayed are over two-thousand items that encompass the culture of pipe smoking over 25 centuries and five continents. The distinguishing feature of the museum is that it exudes with the energy and effort of a collector’s cabinet in the style of the nineteenth century.

Prinsengracht 488
1017 KH Amsterdam

Press Museum
Zeeburgerkade 10
1019 HA Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands, in the size of its collections, its building, the budget and the number of staff employed. Each year, more than a million people visit the museum. Around 400 people work in the museum, including 45 curators who are specialised in all kinds of areas. The Rijksmuseum is internationally renowned for its exhibitions and publications and not only are these high quality products, but are also areas in which the museum extends the boundaries of scholarship and encourages new insights. Moreover, the museum devotes considerable resources to education and to the decor and layout of exhibitions. Leading designers are regularly commissioned to work on Rijksmuseum projects.

Stadhouderskade 42
1071 ZD Amsterdam

Royal Palace
The Royal Palace is located on the Dam in Amsterdam. It is not Queen Beatrix’s place of residence but she occasionally receives important guests there. Then the red carpet is rolled out and the Dutch flag flies above the Palace. When the important guests have departed, then everyone can take a glimpse of the Palace.

Dam 1
1012 NP Amsterdam

Sexmuseum Amsterdam “Venustempel”
This is the world’s first and oldest sex museum, the “Venustempel” in Amsterdam. A leading museum on the theme of sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs and even attractions. All of the exhibits have been gathered together personally by the owners and can be viewed in their 17th century property on the Damrak.

Damrak 18
1012 LH Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Modern Art
The Stedelijk Museum is one of Europe’s most important museums for modern and contemporary art. The museum has a wide-ranging program of exhibitions. Impressionism, pop art or minimalism: you can see it all in the Stedelijk Museum!

Paulus Potterstraat 13
1071 CX Amsterdam

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Since 1993, Bureau Amsterdam has organized exhibitions of Amsterdam- based art in an international context. The accent is on new trends in painting and sculpture, video, photography, performance, installation, design and new media. In addition to the exhibitions in Amsterdam, Bureau Amsterdam initiates exchanges with art organizations abroad.
The theory of contemporary art gets an airing during the lecture evenings Bureau Amsterdam holds six times a year. Leading national and international theorists, critics and artists address topical issues in contemporary visual culture. Every exhibition in Bureau Amsterdam is accompanied by a Newsletter containing information about the exhibitions, artists and activities of Bureau Amsterdam.

Rozenstraat 59
1016 NN Amsterdam

Theater Museum / Theater Institute Nederland
Herengracht 168
1016 BP Amsterdam

Theo Thijssen Museum
Eerste Leliedwarsstraat 16
1015 TA Amsterdam

Tropic Museum
The Tropenmuseum makes it possible for you to stroll around the courtyard of a Javanese house, roam through noisy Arab streets, or find yourself in a thunderstorm in the middle of the African savannah. You can relax to the authentic music of a South American jukebox – or listen to the gripping life story of a tropical rainforest-dweller. There’s always something new to see or hear!

The Tropenmuseum is the largest anthropological museum in the Netherlands. Its realistic reconstructions of local environments and attractive displays of exhibits drawn from the museum’s huge collections draw visitors right into the daily lives of the people of the tropics and subtropics. For children, too, the Tropenmuseum is a fantastic experience.

Linnaeusstraat 2
1092 CK Amsterdam

University Museum De Agnietenkapel
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231
1012 EZ Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum
A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. There is no other place in the world where you can see so many of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings under one roof. The Museum is situated on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. The Museum’s collection is in three parts. The Van Gogh collection, work from other artists and the collection concerning the Van Gogh Museum’s history.

Paulus Potterstraat 7
1071 CX Amsterdam

Resistance Museum Amsterdam
Plantage Kerklaan 61
1018 CX Amsterdam

Werkspoor Museum
Oostenburgergracht 77
1018 NC Amsterdam

Houseboat Museum Amsterdam
Prinsengracht tegenover 296
1016 HW Amsterdam

Ajax Museum
The history of Ajax is rich and tumultuous, exciting as a young boy’s book full of emotion and heroics. More than a hundred years ago the club was founded. Back then, no-one could suspect that this typical Amsterdam sports club would gather so much international fame.

ArenA Boulevard 3
1101 AX Amsterdam Zuidoost
Imagine Identity and Culture
Imagine Identity and Culture is the first cultural organization in the Netherlands to highlight the culture and identity of migrants as seen from their own perspective.
Imagine IC invites people to describe their history and culture by means of various activities. It then uses these stories to create exhibitions, audio-visual programs and digital productions for both newcomers and residents.

Bijlmerplein 1006
1102 ML Amsterdam Zuidoost

Museum Vrolik
Meibergdreef 15
1105 AZ Amsterdam Zuidoost