Hilton Hotels in Italy

Two Hotels, both alike in name, in fair Italy, where we lay our scene.
They are both Named Hilton, but what a difference.
This is not just a paraphrase on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; this is a travel management article about an ocean of difference in attitude and performances.
The first one is Hilton Rome Cavalieri hotel in Rome. The second is Hilton Sorrento palace located uphill Sorrento.
Hilton Cavalieri Rome is a sample of a top-notch hotel managed with affinity for perfectionism and providing an unforgettable customer experience.


Hilton Sorrento palace public places were found clear and up to the four stars the hotel represents, but the regular rooms were far behind in any aspect of configuration, space, furniture and facilities.

The personnel of Hilton Sorrento were nice or correct at reception however, most managers we encounter on the week we have stayed there completely ignored us. That was a very strange feeling whereas management usually sets the level in greeting customers.

Hilton Sorrento has few external pools and one internal that were closed in September.
The rooms at Hilton Cavalieri are big with a sitting are and desk are, the beds are comfortable and it all says stile.
At Hilton cavalieri we were amazed while walking at the corridors, personnel stood up, let us pass and greet us every single time. We only witnessed that in Africa and Asia but never in Europe.
Hilton Rome Cavalieri has internal external pools and amazing Roman style Spa.
Hilton Rome Cavalieri is one of Europe most beautiful hotels and lives to ones expectations as high as they might be. Its art collection is world-renowned and affinity to pets is second to none. Dogs have room service menu and massage services…
Most than all, the two Hiltons simply cannot be compared. It is amazing to realize the differences in vision, style and management attitude at both hotels.
As we always say, it all starts and ends with management…