David Dekel: aviation tips for air passengers this summer, interview

David Dekel. CEO of Endeavour. BV.  Is a aviation expert, giving some tips to passengers traveling by air transportation this summer.

Today we interview Mr. David Dekel, a former expert at the aviation industry. With recent events of overcrowded airports, we have some questions for him.

Q: Mr. David Dekel, it is nice to have you here. Please share with us your view of the aviation industry for this summer.

A: Thank you for having me. Unfortunately, the aviation industry is currently under major constraints. A combination of post corona, characterized by very high demand for air travel combined with a short  supply of airport and airlines employees, in the fields of security handling and airline personnel, creating a situation in which major airports are struggling to coop with the high traffic. We have witnessed lines of thousands of passengers stretching out the major terminals worldwide.

In fact, I would advise most people not to use air transportation this summer. As it seems it will take airports and airlines at least another quarter, possibly by the end of the year, to cope up with the high traffic demand.

Q: David, would you have any recommendations or tips for people flying anyway this summer?

Use an agent services this year

A: Absolutely. If you ignored my first recommendation of not flying at all this summer, then my second advice would be, book your flight with an agent. While airlines are limited in the alternatives, they can offer the passengers agents are much more versatile in offering alternatives and assist passengers who are stranded for one reason or another.

Add insurance for all vacation components

My second recommendation would be: insure your trip, hotels flights, car rentals, anything you can insure, please do that, as there is a good chance that your trip, would be delayed or cancelled altogether.

Fly with hand luggage only

Another important tip is to fly light. Make efforts not to take suitcase along or any checked in luggage at all.

We have seen many airlines forced to choose between taking off on time and uploading hold baggage.

Leaving an airport on the exact time slot became a major airlines goal and that created an unprecedented amount of lost luggage worldwide. If you must take a cheap bag with only some clothing in it. clothing that you can easily lose without too many regrets.

In addition, make sure to mark your suitcase clearly and write contact details on it. Some passengers have even placed GPS trackers/ air tags in their luggage so they could track them.

Lastly, it is always advisable to check in the day before the flight, online and come to the airport several hours in advance with your pointed or digital boarding pass.

Thanks a lot Mr. David Dekel, we are grateful for the useful tips and wish you and our readers a calm and relaxed summer.

David Dekel, dekel david