Amsterdam Hotels

Finding a hotel in Amsterdam is easy. Finding the right hotel is somewhat more complicated. The first advice we have is to read this article. It is useful for most cities anyway.

Most travelers are asking the same very question: how to find a hotel in Amsterdam? Hostels-Amsterdam is picking the glove in the following essay.

Ok, so you are heading to Amsterdam and one of the most important issues is where to stay. Naturally, the place you stay at influences the whole Amsterdam experience.

Amsterdam hotels can be divided to two categories: good and bad. When it is bad, it is really bad. Most 4-5 stars hotels are spacious and comfortable; the risk lies within the small hotels.

Advanced booking: is always advised. For most weekends it is a must. You will be amazed of how fast this city is getting packed. It is advised to book with online reservation sites that provide good selection, booking immediately and some feedback on the target hotel. On these sites it is more likely to find the best prices. Booking directly with the hotel is also advisable if you have some info about it. The good side about advanced booking is that you have somewhere to sleep while some others will settle for the Vondel Park. If you are not sure about your hotel, you could book only one night first and see later. Risky but gives you some control and challenge.

Cancellation policy: most hotels in Amsterdam have 24 HRS cancellation policy with one to two nights penalty. That means that you could cancel your booking up until 24 HRS before arrival and if you do not show up, they will charge one or two nights from your credit card. Always check the cancellation policy prior to booking and yes! Do invest a little in travel insurance that costs very little nowadays.
You should be advised that finalized reservation is a contract by all means and you should never be a “no show” unless of course you have extra money on your CC. always communicate to the hotel as soon as you anticipate any change in your itinerary.

Location: although location is perceived by you travelers as one of the most important issues, and most of you are gathering around central station, I would like to dispute it simply due to the fact that Amsterdam is relatively very small city and distances are not an issue here. Most of Amsterdam’s attractions are located within one kilometer from downtown area anyway and the central station is not the center of the city but the north part of it in terms of tourists view. To my humble opinion, the downtown are is the most crowded, unclean, noisy and most expensive. Statistics show that most of you are completely ignoring this advise of mine, right?

Price: The number one criteria you people look for. Unfortunately, demand in Amsterdam is high and the prices are accordingly relatively high as well compared with other destinations. If you happen to live outside Europe, the price might really be an issue due to the currency exchange rates. In the winter time, off season price for a budget hotel might be around the 50 Euros for a single room and about 70 for a twin or double room. At weekends this price will go up by 10 to 20 Euros. High season prices are around 80 Euros for single and about 100 Euros for twin or double. For a three stars hotels the prices might start at 70 for a single and 90 for twin. No mercy, I agree.

Facilities: the current situation of the hotel facilities is important as well, the advertisement is not always matching and you do not want to find yourself in a running down dump. Some hotels will publish when was the last time they did renovation some won’t. it is advisable to adjust your expectations when coming to Amsterdam. Due to old taxation system the old houses are very small and narrow. Steep and narrow staircases are a traumatic encounter to some of you.

Cleanliness: same as facilities, cleanliness is a major point in rooms, beds, public areas and the washrooms. It is not possible to find that fact in advance of course the only way is to read other travelers experience.

Curfew: unheard of in hotels. They will give you keys to the main door if they have no night receptionist. If you are so unlucky to find one, just go to another hotel.

Friendliness of staff: it is always nice to have smiling helpful people at the hotel you are staying. To some of us it is a major problem and some of us can live without it. It might be useful to mention that Holland delivers typical European customer service level, not more, so don’t expect American level here. Some hostels are employing former travelers. That’s the best you can expect. They are friendly, nice and know you well.

Security: something to think of in advance. so make sure your belongings are always protected. Most hotels in Amsterdam maintain a reasonable security level in their premises.

Take a look at the room doors, windows and the way they check guests asking for their keys. 24 HRS recording security cameras are very effective if they have it. You should always have your important documents and valuables in a key deposit box even if it costs a Euro or two. Most hotels will provide that.

Since most of us have this tendency to do stupid things on our vacation or travel, we strongly advise you to read our article: “better safe than sorry” it might save you lots of troubles and it is applicable to any city of course.

We hope this article assisted you in finding a hotel in Amsterdam

List of Hotels in Amsterdam :

Aero Hotel
Kerkstraat 45-49
1017 GB Amsterdam

Amsterdam Hotel Service
Damrak 7
1012 LG Amsterdam

Amsterdam House Hotel
‘s Gravelandseveer 3- 4
1011 KM Amsterdam

Apple Inn Hotel
Koninginneweg 93
1075 CJ Amsterdam

Arena Hotel
‘s-Gravesandestraat 51
1092 AA Amsterdam

Bed and Breakfast The Collector
De Lairessestraat 46
1071 PB Amsterdam

Hotel Agora
Singel 462
1017 AW Amsterdam

Hotel Albert
Amsterdam B.V.
Sarphatipark 58
1073 CZ Amsterdam

Hotel Atlanta
Rembrandtplein 8- 10
1017 CV Amsterdam

Hotel Ben
Beursstraat 21
1012 JT Amsterdam

Hotel de Bloeiende Ramenas **
Haarlemmerdijk 61
1013 KB Amsterdam (CENTRUM)

Hotel De Oranje Tulp
Damrak 32
1012 LK Amsterdam

Hotel Hemonyhof
Hemonystraat 7
1074 BK Amsterdam

Hotel Linda
Stadhouderskade 131
1074 AWAmsterdam

Hotel Manofa
Damrak 46
1012 LLAmsterdam

Hotel Old Quarter
Warmoesstraat 20-22
1012 JDAmsterdam

Hotel Orfeo
Leidsekruisstraat 14
1017 RH Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Kitty’
Plantage Middenlaan 40-2HG
1018 DG Amsterdam

The Greenhouse Effect Bar-Hotel
Warmoesstraat 55
1012 HW Amsterdam

The Veteran
Herengracht 561
1017 BW Amsterdam

‘t Hotel annex Ambassade van Friesland
Leliegracht 18
1015 DE Amsterdam

A-Train Hotel
Prins Hendrikkade 23
1012 TM Amsterdam

Aadam Hotel Wilhelmina
Koninginneweg 169
1075 CN Amsterdam

Acro Hotel
Jan Luijkenstraat 42-BV-44
1071 CR Amsterdam

Adamar Hotel
Naritaweg 165-Telestone 8
1043 BW Amsterdam

Akriti B.V.
Amstel 60-1HG
1017 AC Amsterdam

Albus Grand Hotel
Vijzelstraat 49
1017 HE Amsterdam

AlfaAmsterdam Hotel
Martelaarsgracht 14
1012 TR Amsterdam

Leidsekade 97
1017 PN Amsterdam

Amistad Hotel
Kerkstraat 42
1017 GM Amsterdam

AMS City Centre
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 50
1012 SC Amsterdam

Amstel Botel
Oosterdokskd AB -2 – 4
1011 AE Amsterdam

Amstel Hotel
Professor Tulpplein 1
1018 GX Amsterdam

Amsterdam City West Hotel
Reimerswaalstraat 5
1069 AE Amsterdam

Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel
Prinsengracht 1015- 1017
1017 KN Amsterdam

Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel
Prinsengracht 328- 332
1016 HX Amsterdam

Anna Youth Hostel
Spuistraat 6
1012 TS Amsterdam

Art Gallerie Hotel B.V.
Weteringschans 67
1017 RX Amsterdam

Spaarndammerdijk 302
1013 ZX Amsterdam

Rokin 20
1012 KS Amsterdam

Avenue Hotel
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 33
1012 RD Amsterdam

BastionAmsterdam Noord
Rode Kruisstraat 28
1025 KN Amsterdam

Bilderberg Garden Hotel
Dijsselhofplantsoen 7
1077 BJ Amsterdam

Black T.
Geldersekade 16
1012 BH Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 384
1016 GB Amsterdam

Brandmeester B.V.
Scheepstimmermanstraat 64
1019 WZ Amsterdam

Café ‘Internationaal’
Warmoesstraat 1
1012 HT Amsterdam

Centrum Hotel
Warmoesstraat 15
1012 HT Amsterdam

City HotelAmsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 130
1011 AP Amsterdam

City Hotel Utrechtsestraat B.V.
Utrechtsestraat 2
1017 VN Amsterdam

Beursstraat 23
1012 JV Amsterdam

Crowne PlazaAmsterdam City Centre
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5
1012 RC Amsterdam

Croydon Hotel
Warmoesstraat 75
1012 HX Amsterdam

Damhotels Lorentz
Damrak 31
1012 LJ Amsterdam

De Bloeiende Ramenas
Venetiehof 118
1019 NC Amsterdam

De Filosoof
Anna van den Vondelstr 2-4-6
1054 GZ Amsterdam

De Koopermoolen
Warmoesstraat 5-9
1012 HT Amsterdam

De Lantaerne
Leidsegracht 111
1017 ND Amsterdam

De Malle Moolen
Warmoesstraat 7
1012 HT Amsterdam

De Oranje Tulp
Damrak 32
1012 LK Amsterdam

Eden Zutphen Hotel Exploitatie B.V.
Amstel 144
1017 AE Amsterdam

Espinosa Hotels
Victorieplein 40- 42
1078 PH Amsterdam

Exploitatiemaatschappij Borgmann B.V.
Ilperveldstraat 6
1024 PG Amsterdam

Exploitatiemaatschappij Doelen Hotel B.V.
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 24
1012 CP Amsterdam

Exploitatiemaatschappij Kadehotel B.V.
Sarphatistraat 410
1018 GW Amsterdam

Formule I Hotels Netherlands B.V.
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120
1012 SH Amsterdam

France Hotel Management Inc.
Oudezijds Kolk 11
1012 AL Amsterdam

Freeland Hotel
Marnixstraat 386
1017 PL Amsterdam

Gelderse Neel
Geldersekade 75
1011 EL Amsterdam

Greenwich Village
Kerkstraat 25
1017 GA Amsterdam

H.E.M. HotelAmsterdam B.V.
Voorburgstraat 250
1059 VD Amsterdam

H.E.M. Hotel Maas
Leidsekade 91
1017 PN Amsterdam

H.E.M. Hotel Prins Hendrik B.V.
Prins Hendrikkade 52-58
1012 AC Amsterdam

Hans Brinker Stutel
Kerkstraat 136-138
1017 GR Amsterdam

Hart vanAmsterdam Management Inc.
Oudez Achterburgw 118-120
1012 DT Amsterdam

Hemp Hotel/EetcafeAmsterdam
Frederiksplein 15
1017 XK Amsterdam

Het Canal House Hotel
Keizersgracht 148
1015 CX Amsterdam

Hilton International Nederland B.V.
Apollolaan 138
1077 BG Amsterdam

Holiday Inns B.V.
De Boelelaan 2
1083 HJ Amsterdam

Hostel Aroza
Nieuwendijk 23
1012 LZ Amsterdam

Hostel CosmosAmsterdam
Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17-1HG
1012 NG Amsterdam

Hostel Meeting Point B.V.
Warmoesstraat 14
1012 JD Amsterdam

Hot. A’dam/Café-Restaurant & Brass. ‘De Roode Leeuw’
Damrak 93- 94
1012 LP Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Amstelzicht’
Amstel 104
1017 AD Amsterdam

Hotel ‘ANCO’
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 55
1012 EJ Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Asterisk’
Den Texstraat 14- 16
1017 ZA Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Clemens’
Raadhuisstraat 39-BOV
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel ‘De Harmonie’
Prinsengracht 816
1017 JL Amsterdam

Hotel ‘de la Poste’
Reguliersgracht 3- 5
1017 LJ Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Flipper’
Borssenburgstraat 5
1078 VA Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Galerij’
Raadhuisstraat 43-BOV
1016 DD Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Groenendael’
Nieuwendijk 15
1012 LZ Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Hegra’
Herengracht 269
1016 BJ Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Het Ancker’
Raasdorperweg 38-HS
1067 TK Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Janson’
Frans van Mierisstraat 69-A1HG
1071 RL Amsterdam

Hotel ‘La Boheme’
Marnixstraat 415
1017 PK Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Marianne’
Nicolaas Maesstraat 107
1071 PV Amsterdam

Hotel ‘My Home’ B.V.
Haarlemmerstraat 82-BOVEN
1013 EV Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Nicolaas Witsen’
Nicolaas Witsenstraat 4-6-8
1017 ZH Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Oosterpark’
Oosterpark 72
1092 AS Amsterdam
Tel: 020 6930049

Hotel ‘P.C. Hooft’
P Cornelisz Hooftstr 63
1071 BN Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Pax’
Raadhuisstraat 37-B
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Piet Hein’
Vossiusstraat 52- 53
1071 AK Amsterdam

Hotel ‘Rembrandt’
Plantage Middenlaan 17
1018 DA Amsterdam

Hotel ‘The Golden Bear’
Kerkstraat 37
1017 GB Amsterdam

Hotel ‘The Regal’
Binnen Wieringerstraat 7
1013 EA Amsterdam

Hotel / Petit-Restaurant ‘De Stern’
Utrechtsestraat 18
1017 VN Amsterdam

Hotel 7 Bridges B.V.
Reguliersgracht 31
1017 LK Amsterdam

Hotel 83
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 83
1012 DC Amsterdam

Hotel Aalborg B.V.
Sarphatipark 106-108
1073 EC Amsterdam

Hotel Aalders B.V.
Jan Luijkenstraat 13- 15
1071 CJ Amsterdam

Hotel ABBA
Overtoom 118- 120
1054 HM Amsterdam

Hotel Ambassade B.V.
Herengracht 335- 353
1016 AX Amsterdam

Hotel Apollofirst B.V.
Apollolaan 123
1077 AP Amsterdam

Hotel Arrivé
Haarlemmerstraat 65-67
1013 EL Amsterdam

Hotel Aspen
Raadhuisstraat 31
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel Barbacan
Plantage Muidergracht 89
1018 TN Amsterdam

Hotel Bela
Eerste Helmersstraat 147
1054 DR Amsterdam

Hotel Belfort
Surinameplein 53
1058 GN Amsterdam

Hotel Belga
Hartenstraat 8
1016 CB Amsterdam

Hotel Bellington
P Cornelisz Hooftstr 78
1071 CB Amsterdam

Hotel Beursstraat
Beursstraat 7- 9
1012 JT Amsterdam

Hotel Biervliet
Nassaukade 368
1054 AB Amsterdam

Hotel Brasserie ‘Beaux-Arts’
Martelaarsgracht 12
1012 TP Amsterdam

Hotel Café ‘Corner House’ B.V.
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 121
1012 RH Amsterdam

Hotel Casa 400
James Wattstraat 75
1097 DL Amsterdam

Hotel CenterAmsterdam (HCA) B.V.
Damrak 58-1HG
1012 LL Amsterdam
Tel: 020 3301034

Hotel Citadel
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 98-100
1012 SG Amsterdam

Hotel Continental
Damrak 40-41BV
1012 LK Amsterdam

Hotel Cordial B.V.
Rokin 62-64
1012 KW Amsterdam

Hotel Crystal
Tweede Helmersstraat 6
1054 CH Amsterdam

Hotel d’Amsterdam
Tweede Helmersstraat 4
1054 CH Amsterdam

Hotel Damrak B.V.
Rokin 44-1
1012 KV Amsterdam

Hotel De Admiraal
Herengracht 563
1017 CD Amsterdam

Hotel de Korenaer B.V.
Rokin 44-1
1012 KV Amsterdam

Hotel De l’Europe B.V.
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-8
1012 CP Amsterdam

Hotel De la Haye
Leidsegracht 114
1016 CT Amsterdam

Hotel De Leydsche Hof
Leidsegracht 14
1016 CK Amsterdam

Hotel De Munck
Achtergracht 3
1017 WL Amsterdam

Hotel de Paris
Marnixstraat 372- 374
1016 XX Amsterdam

Hotel De Stadhouder
Stadhouderskade 76
1072 AE Amsterdam

Hotel De Westertoren
Raadhuisstraat 35
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel de Wetering B.V.
Weteringschans 57
1017 RW Amsterdam

Hotel Des Arts
Rokin 154- 156
1012 LE Amsterdam

Hotel Destine
Sarphatikade 17
1017 WV Amsterdam

Hotel Di-Ann
Raadhuisstraat 27-1HG
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel Die Port van Cleve
Nieuwez Voorburgw 178- 180
1012 SJ Amsterdam

Hotel Estherea
Singel 303-309
1012 WH Amsterdam

Hotel Europa ’92 B.V.
1e C Huygensstr 103- 105
1054 BV Amsterdam

Hotel Falcon Plaza B.V.
Valkenburgerstraat 72
1011 LZ Amsterdam

Hotel Fantasia
Nieuwe Keizersgracht 16
1018 DR Amsterdam

Hotel Frisco Inn Bar
Beursstraat 5
1012 JT Amsterdam

Hotel Garni Fita
Jan Luijkenstraat 37
1071 CL Amsterdam

Hotel Granada
Leidsekruisstraat 13-1HG
1017 RE Amsterdam

Hotel Hestia C.V.
Roemer Visscherstraat 7
1054 EV Amsterdam

Hotel Hoksbergen B.V.
Singel 301
1012 WH Amsterdam

Hotel Impala
Leidsekade 77
1017 PM Amsterdam

Hotel Imperial
Thorbeckeplein 9
1017 CS Amsterdam

Hotel InntelAmsterdam Centre
Nieuwezijds Kolk 19
1012 PV Amsterdam

Hotel Jimmy
Martelaarsgracht 15-Boven
1012 TN Amsterdam

Hotel Jupiter
Tweede Helmersstraat 14
1054 CJ Amsterdam

Hotel Keizersgracht B.V.
Keizersgracht 15
1015 CC Amsterdam

Hotel Keizershof
Keizersgracht 618
1017 ER Amsterdam

Hotel Koffiehuis Voyagers
Geldersekade 2
1012 BH Amsterdam

Hotel Mercure Arthur Frommer
Noorderstraat 46
1017 TV Amsterdam

Hotel Mevlana
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 160
1012 SJ Amsterdam

Hotel Mid Town B.V.
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 203
1017 RB Amsterdam

Hotel Monopole
Amstel 60-I
1017 AC Amsterdam

Hotel Multatuli B.V.
Prins Hendrikkade 12
1012 TL Amsterdam

Hotel Museumzicht
Jan Luijkenstraat 22
1071 CN Amsterdam

Hotel Nes B.V.
Kloveniersburgwal 137- 139
1011 KE Amsterdam

Hotel Neutraal
Damrak 8
1012 LG Amsterdam

Hotel New Amsterdam B.V.
Plantage Middenlaan 76-I
1018 DJ Amsterdam

Hotel Nieuw Slotania
Slotermeerlaan 133
1063 JN Amsterdam

Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 333
1072 LH Amsterdam

Hotel Orlando
Prinsengracht 1099
1017 JH Amsterdam

Hotel Palace Rainbow
Raadhuisstraat 33-B
1016 DC Amsterdam

Hotel Parklane
Plantage Parklaan 16
1018 ST Amsterdam

Hotel Parkzicht
Roemer Visscherstraat 33
1054 EW Amsterdam

Hotel Piet Hein B.V.
Vossiusstraat 52- 53
1071 AK Amsterdam

Hotel Plant
Prins Hendrikkade 15
1012 TL Amsterdam

Hotel Prinsenhof V.O.F.
Prinsengracht 810
1017 JL Amsterdam

Hotel Pulitzer
Prinsengracht 315- 331
1016 GZ Amsterdam

Hotel Roemer Visscher B.V.
Roemer Visscherstraat 10
1054 EX Amsterdam

Hotel Rokin B.V.
Rokin 73
1012 KL Amsterdam

Hotel Royal Taste
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 47
1012 DB Amsterdam

Hotel Schroder
Haarlemmerdijk 48-B
1013 JE Amsterdam

Hotel Sint Nicolaas
Spuistraat 1-A
1012 SP Amsterdam

Hotel Sipermann
Roemer Visscherstraat 35
1054 EW Amsterdam

Hotel SmitAmsterdam B.V.
P Cornelisz Hooftstr 24- 28
1071 BX Amsterdam

Hotel Smits
Ellermanstraat 33
1099 BZ Amsterdam

Hotel Tamara
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 144
1012 SJ Amsterdam

Hotel Terminus
Beursstraat 11- 19
1012 JT Amsterdam

Hotel Thorbecke
Thorbeckeplein 3
1017 CS Amsterdam

Hotel Toren B.V.
Keizersgracht 164
1015 CZ Amsterdam

Hotel Uptown B.V.
K Leidsedwstr 145- 147 1T/M 4
1017 PZ Amsterdam

Hotel v. Kooyk
Leidsekade 81-EN 82 EN 83
1017 PM Amsterdam

Hotel Van de Kasteelen B.V.
Frans van Mierisstraat 34
1071 RT Amsterdam

Hotel Van Gelder V.O.F.
Damrak 34
1012 LK Amsterdam

Hotel van Onna B.V.
Bloemgracht 102-104
1015 TN Amsterdam

Hotel Verdi
Wanningstraat 9
1071 LA Amsterdam

Hotel Vijaya
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 44
1012 GE Amsterdam

Hotel Vondel Exploitatie B.V.
Vondelstraat 28- 30
1054 GE Amsterdam

Hotel W. Kap
Den Texstraat 5-B
1017 XW Amsterdam

Hotel Washington B.V.
Frans van Mierisstraat 10
1071 RS Amsterdam

Hotel Waterfront
Singel 458
1017 AW Amsterdam

Hotel Weber
Marnixstraat 397
1017 PJ Amsterdam

Hotel Wijnnobel
Vossiusstraat 9
1071 AB Amsterdam

Hotel Winston
Warmoesstraat 129
1012 JA Amsterdam

Hotel Zandbergen
Willemsparkweg 205
1071 HB Amsterdam

Hotel-Café ‘De Zwaan’ C.V.
Dorpsweg Ransdorp 70
1028 BR Amsterdam

Hotel-Café The Crown
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 21
1012 EH Amsterdam

Hotel/Restaurant ‘Il Giardino’
Prins Hendrikkade 97- 98
1011 AG Amsterdam

House of Liberty
Singel 5
1012 VC Amsterdam

Huize ‘BEMA’
Concertgebouwplein 19- B
1071 LM Amsterdam

IJ-Boulevard Hotel
Prins Hendrikkade 144hs
1011 AT Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 1051
1017 JE Amsterdam

J.R.S. Beheer B.V.
Rokin 104-1HG
1012 KZ Amsterdam

Jofre B.V.
Damrak 50- 51
1012 LL Amsterdam

Jolly Hotels Holland N.V.
Vijzelstraat 2
1017 HK Amsterdam

Keizershof B.V.
Damrak 49
1012 LL Amsterdam

Kien Company
Tweede Weteringdwstr 65-SOUS
1017 SV Amsterdam

King Hotel B.V.
Leidsekade 85- 86
1017 PN Amsterdam

Knollins B.V.
Geldersekade 16
1012 BH Amsterdam

L’ Hotel Louise Hartman
Willemsparkweg 138
1071 HR Amsterdam

Lancaster Hotel
Plantage Middenlaan 48
1018 DH Amsterdam

Lily B.V. i.o.
Entrepotdok 144
1018 AD Amsterdam

Lloyd Hotel/Hotel De Ville B.V.
Knsm-Laan 207
1019 LC Amsterdam

Marnix Hotel
Marnixstraat 382
1016 XX Amsterdam

Marriott Hotels ofAmsterdam B.V.
Stadhouderskade 12
1054 ES Amsterdam

Martelaar B.V.
Martelaarsgracht 18
1012 TR Amsterdam

Memphis HotelAmsterdam B.V.
De Lairessestraat 87
1071 NX Amsterdam

Meridien Apollo B.V.
Apollolaan 2
1077 BA Amsterdam

Meridien Des Indes
Apollolaan 2
1077 BA Amsterdam

Sumatrakade 665
1019 PT Amsterdam

Nadia Hotel
Raadhuisstraat 49- 53
1016 DD Amsterdam

NH Tropen Hotel
Linnaeusstraat 2-C
1092 CK Amsterdam

NovotelAmsterdam B.V.
Europaboulevard 10
1083 AD Amsterdam

Novotel Nederland B.V.
Nieuwez Voorbu 120-2E+3E ETAGE
1012 SH Amsterdam

OWL Hotel B.V.
Roemer Visscherstraat 1
1054 EV Amsterdam

P & E Hotels International B.V.
Gravenstraat 12- 16
1012 NM Amsterdam

Parkhotel Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V.
Stadhouderskade 25
1071 ZD Amsterdam

Parmatel B.V.
Keizersgracht 713- 715
1017 DX Amsterdam

Pi Hotel B.V.
Nes 5-23
1012 KC Amsterdam

Prinsen Hotel B.V.
Vondelstraat 36- 38
1054 GE Amsterdam

Quinq Horeca Den Bosch B.V.
Abberdaan 162
1046 AB Amsterdam

Radio Inn Youth Hostal
Utrechtsedwarsstraat 79-HS
1017 WD Amsterdam

Radisson-SAS Hotel
Rusland 17
1012 CK Amsterdam

Rembrandt Residence Hotel B.V.
Herengracht 255
1016 BJ Amsterdam

RenaissanceAmsterdam Hotel
Kattengat 1
1012 SZ Amsterdam

Restaurant Steeg 14 B.V.
Warmoesstraat 87
1012 HZ Amsterdam

RHO Hotel
Nes 11 -15
1012 KC Amsterdam

S.H. Blommers-Ruwaard-Café Rooie Nelis
Laurierstraat 101
1016 PK Amsterdam

Sapir Hotel B.V.
Jacob Obrechtstraat 69
1071 KJ Amsterdam

Savoy Hotel Exploitatie B.V.
Amstel 144
1017 AE Amsterdam

Singel Hotel
Singel 13
1012 VC Amsterdam

Snack Corner Prins Hendrik B.V.
Prins Hendrikkade 53
1012 AC Amsterdam

Sofitel Nederland B.V.
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 67
1012 RE Amsterdam

Sphinx Hotel Europe B.V.
Weteringschans 82
1017 XR Amsterdam

Starshine Beheer B.V.
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 104
1017 NM Amsterdam

SwissotelAmsterdam B.V.
Damrak 95- 98
1012 LP Amsterdam

T.S. Hotelgroep International B.V.
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79
1017 PW Amsterdam

Tara IJzervlechterij B.V.
Spitsbergenstraat 89
1013 CL Amsterdam

The Bulldog Hotel B.V.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220
1012 GJ Amsterdam

The College Hotel B.V.
Fred. Roeskestraat 90
1076 ED Amsterdam

The Flying Pig Backpackers Hostel
Vossiusstraat 46- 47
1071 AJ Amsterdam

The Grand Real Estate B.V.
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197
1012 EX Amsterdam

The Jordaan Canal House
Sumatrakade 937
1019 RB Amsterdam

The Last Waterhole B.V.
Oudezijds Armsteeg 12- 14
1012 GP Amsterdam

The Old Nickel B.V.
Nieuwebrugsteeg 11
1012 AG Amsterdam

The Quentin Hotel
Leidsekade 89
1017 PN Amsterdam

Toerist- en Telefoonservice (T.T.S.) B.V.
Spuistraat 52
1012 TV Amsterdam

Torenzicht Horeca
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 93
1012 DD Amsterdam

Triple B
Singel 83
1012 VE Amsterdam

V.O.F. Hotel Adolesce
Nieuwe Keizersgracht 26
1018 DS Amsterdam

Van Ostade Bicycle Hotel
Van Ostadestraat 123
1072 SV Amsterdam

Victoria Hotel C.V.
Damrak 1- 5
1012 LG Amsterdam

Visser Hotels B.V.
Leidsegracht 76-I
1016 CR Amsterdam

Westropa Hotels B.V.
Nassaukade 387- 390
1054 AE Amsterdam

ZDS Trading and Real Estate B.V.
Derde Looiersdwarsstraat 75
1016 VD Amsterdam

Zosa Soupkitchen
Kloveniersburgwal 20
1012 CV Amsterdam

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