Amsterdam Flights

Amsterdam flights

Due to the centre location of the Netherlands its popularity and the capacity of Schipol, there are many carriers operating to or via Amsterdam. If you are interested in booking a flight to Amsterdam / Netherlands, you might find the following text useful.

Many airlines enabling booking direct frights to Amsterdam Shiphol. Here is a consisted reference: the Dutch official carrier, now a part from Air France. the Dutch charter / cheaper carrier a flight search engine for many flights from many destinations Operating to and from Eindhoven (located about 1.5 hours ride from Amsterdam)

Amsterdam Schiphol Aiport

Amsterdam airport Schiphol is a major air Hub and a popular airport for connecting flights. Schiphol is graded third European airport in terms of passengers’ traffic after London Heathrow and Frankfurt am Main.

Schiphol is also one of the nicest most convenient European airports and is located less than 10 KM from Amsterdam. A train ride to Amsterdam Central Station would take about 15-20 minutes.

Here is a very thorough movie about Schiphol Airport:

Other airports

In the last few years we are witnessing more airports around Amsterdam taking some of the load of passengers’ flights from Schiphol airport. These airports are blooming also due to the fact that they are offering lower airport taxes and cheapening the total flight costs.

Rotterdam airport: located next to Rotterdam and enabling flights to various European destinations. Rotterdam is located about an hour ride from Amsterdam. There are shuttle services to Rotterdam and easy connections with trains to Amsterdam.

Eindhoven airport: located next to Eindhoven and enabling flights to various European destinations. Eindhoven is located about an hour and half drive away from Amsterdam. There are shuttle services and trains to Amsterdam in a convenient way.